According to the International Chamber of Shipping total seaborne trade is estimated at around 50 trillion tonne-miles a year, constituting seaborne transport by far the most significant mode of trade transport.

Safety is an environmental issue and contributing to a more sustainable shipping requires that safety and care for the environment be placed at the top of our agenda. Acknowledging the significance of this statement, safety and care have been carefully selected to make up for the two of the three distinct pillars of our core values that we have set course to live up to. 

Safety and care make up for the two of the three distinct pillars of our core values that we have set course to live up to.

Life at sea and our champions

Our seafarers play an essential role in the value we deliver to our customers, but more importantly into making sure that operations are conducted under maximum safety.


On our part we strive to attract, nurture and retain the best seafarers for our managed vessels. We target to increase retention rate of officers to world-class standards and have spent a considerable amount of time in designing innovative ways to make sure that every seafarer boarding our managed vessels is adequately familiarized with our safety protocol.

Our latest step to tackle this ensures that prior to embarkation all crew members are handed to carry with them a rank-specific, pocket-sized safety handbook that we have compiled for our crews.

This year, for the fifth time, acting on our initiative to retain and inspire talent on-board, we voted for the best Officer and Rating who served on managed vessels in 2019 based on the following criteria:

  • Commitment to Safety
  • Competence, Knowledge and Skills
  • Positive Influence

In their professional capacities they have both exhibited a strong sense of responsibility for their vessel and the environment.


Congratulations to our officer Alcaraz Jayson (C/O), for being awarded "Officer of the Year 2019". His discipline, hard work and loyalty stood out and make up for exemplary values to be unceasingly embraces. Moreover his contribution towards vessel's maintenance was really precious.
Alcaraz Jayson


Congratulations to our newly promoted rating Terec Cerilo (BSN), for being awarded "Rating of the Year 2019". Terec Cerilo served as a fine example of dedicated rating through his technical skills, competence and personal quiality. His contribution towards safety and seamless ness of operations on-board during his service as A/B was precious resulting in a company decision to promote him to BSN at his present employment. By way of consistently developing his work performance and assisting the rest of the crew he set a mark of high standard on board.
Terec Cerilo

Save our seafarers

Stop Piracy | Act Now!


It has become evident that piracy at the Horn of Africa and in the wider area of the Indian Ocean has become a critical issue for international shipping.

Because of the lack of forceful measures by governing authorities and the international community as a whole, Iason Hellenic Shipping Co. Ltd has been forced to post armed guards on its managed vessels.

Today, other companies and seafarers are also making a joint effort to arouse public opinion in this urgent matter. Via the campaign SOS (SaveOurSeafarers) on the Internet, Intercargo, BIMCO and other initiators are hoping to get millions of people to sign the petition. The goal is to weigh on governments and decision-makers all over the world to do something.

"Although the shipping industry has made great progress with anti-piracy measures in the past few years, it’s believed that a number of seafarers are still being held hostage by armed gangs of Somali pirates, in appalling conditions and being subjected to physical and psychological abuse.

Their vessels have been hijacked at sea and they are being held to ransom. The human cost to these seafarers and their families is enormous.

Although incidences of maritime piracy from bases in Somalia are at a seven-year low, world trade is still under threat. Piracy costs the global economy almost US$30 billion a year (World Bank).


You can help to restore the freedom of the seas by adding your voice to our worldwide call for continued international government action regarding:

1. The continuation of robust law enforcement,
2. Tougher defences,
3. Firm political resolve,
4. Support for more courts and prisons in stable parts of Somalia and the region.

Together these measures have broken the grip of piracy.” SOS reports.

This is why we utterly support the SOS initiative by adding our voice and plead with you to go to and make your voice heard too.