According to the International Chamber of Shipping total seaborne trade is estimated at around 50 trillion tonne-miles a year, constituting seaborne transport by far the most significant mode of trade transport.

Safety is an environmental issue and contributing to a more sustainable shipping requires that safety and care for the environment be placed at the top of our agenda. Acknowledging the significance of this statement, safety and care have been carefully selected to make up for the two of the three distinct pillars of our core values that we have set course to live up to. 

Safety and care make up for the two of the three distinct pillars of our core values that we have set course to live up to. 


A responsible approach


We have embarked on a complete fleet renewal program that allows us today to operate one of the best-of-breed fleets of latest design dry bulk vessels that are superior versus the incumbent fleet, in terms of average energy efficiency and emissions rating and that most notably highly exceed the industry’s requirements for currently delivered new ships in this regard.

On the same premise, we have assumed a leadership position for a pure dry bulk operator in the sense that we operate under a fully-fledged Energy Management System certified to ISO14001:2015 standards. 

Considerable work and effort has been invested in maintaining our vessels and the level of operations on-board at the highest possible standards, accomplishing to consistently maintain a high rating in Rightship’s vessel vetting system for our managed fleet. 

In recognition of our superior performance the U.S. Coast Guard has awarded the Qualship 21 certificate to Iason Hellenic Shipping Co. Ltd, whereas, less than 10% of all foreign-flagged ships that operate in the United States meet the eligibility requirements of this program, putting our qualified vessels in an elite class.

This is a remarkable accomplishment and I applaud the efforts of your organization and the master and crew of the qualified vessels for setting such a high standard of excellence.

Commander M.B. Zamberini, Chief of Foreign & Offshore Vessel Compliance Division of the U.S. Coast Guard